For Professionals


I provide consultancy, specialist mentoring and supervision for professionals within the health, education, and therapeutic sectors who work with the neurodiverse population. This includes children, young people and adults with diagnosed or suspected Autism, ADHD, demand avoidant behaviours and other co-existing conditions. As I work online, this service is offered to professionals worldwide.

I have worked closely with, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, cognitive behavioural therapists and coaches, counsellors, speech and language therapists, doctors, teachers, teaching assistants and SENCos from early years through to lecturers in FE/HE, service providers, staff working in specialist environments (respite centre, adolescent secure unit), and professionals in both CAMHS and NHS adult mental health services.

I can work as part of a multidisciplinary team, or offer consultancy or mentoring to a team with a specific child, young person or adult in mind. I can also offer mentoring and supervision to an individual working in the field.

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