Employment Coaching



Coaching for employees

Whether you are seeking employment or work experience, are employed, self-employed or between jobs, employment coaching can help you achieve your potential. Employment provides independence, the development of new skills, social opportunities and increased self-esteem and confidence. Coaching can help to:

  • Identify your strengths, skills and experience to focus on potential opportunities

  • Improve your CV, job searching skills and techniques for job interviews

  • Consider if, when, and how to disclose a diagnosis

  • Develop strategies to increase your confidence, motivation, assertiveness and manage anxiety

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Understand sensory difficulties and develop coping strategies

  • Plan effectively to meet deadlines and manage your workload

  • Understand how reasonable adjustments can help

Coaching for employers

Support is provided to companies and organisations. This includes individual coaching for line managers as well as training for teams on awareness of Autism and ADHD.

Coaching for staff managers

Working in conjunction with the individual manager, a coaching plan will be developed which will include short and long term goals. Greater understanding of ASD/ADHD will support the manager  to provide the right support for their employee in areas such as:.

  • Improving communication skills to enhance performance and social integration

  • Management of performance, planning, organisation, and effective supervision

  • Understanding the current law and how to make reasonable adjustments to support your employee where necessary

Training for team members

Employment support can provide bespoke training packages to meet an organisation’s objectives. Clear, practical training to increase understanding of ASD and ADHD can be provided, from a ‘lunch and learn’ workshop to a full days training session. The unique strengths and abilities that people on the autistic spectrum can bring to an organisation will be explored as well as strategies to help manage and support any challenges staff might face.

Services can be provided either in the workplace, via video conferencing or by phone.

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