Emotional support



Many parents and carers of children and young people with diagnosed or suspected Autism, ADHD, demand avoidant behaviours and other co-existing conditions can find themselves struggling emotionally, feeling exhausted and at times finding the problems hard to face. So often, they neglect their own emotional well-being whilst focusing on the needs of their children and family. Emotional support is counselling in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space just for you.

Taking time away from the stress of daily life for a counselling session with a trained counsellor with personal experience of these conditions can be hugely beneficial. You may be waiting to have some specialist coaching, CBT or have already experienced the benefits of tailored strategies for your particular challenges. Having an opportunity to emotionally process (speak about) your feelings with a counsellor who understands, can help you let go and move forward.  The counsellor offers deep listening and gentle guidance to empower you to find your own navigation system or intuition. What you share will be held without judgment and with respect to your need for confidentiality.

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